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One Price Basic Install

No need to spend hours calling around to shop prices. WaterHeater Man's "One Price Basic Installation" allows us to offer you the most competitive pricing around.

How it Works

Call WaterHeater Man and tell us of your needs. We will then determine what your replacement costs upfront.

What is "Basic Installation"?

Basic installation is taking your existing water heater and replacing it with similar equipment into the same placement while using your existing piping. As long as the connections are "basic" (not requiring additional pipe and or fittings as well as labor).

Basic installation can include up to 12" of water pipe from the top of your water heater on either hot & cold sides or both. Up to 8" of metalic fluepipe & one elbow of similar material. Gas pipe up to 8" in length from the control value to the existing union and re-using existing relief tube on safety valve.

What is not covered in "Basic Installation"?

Any additional condition that is beyond the described "Basic Installation"

  1. Any and all water piping beyond the 12" to connect or bring a connection up to code.
  2. Any flue piping that is beyond the 8" or one elbow tomake the connection or to replace the entire section of flue pipe from the water heater draft diverter to the chimery if found to be in inadequate working order or needs to be brought up to code.
  3. Any gas piping beyond the 8" up to the existing union. Any fittings or unions, shut-off valves that are faulty, leaking on non-existant within 3' of appliance or to be brought up to code.
  4. Any water shut-off valves that do not hold, shut-off at all or are not accessable within 12" of water heater that may need replaced to service appliance or that are not existing to bring up to code.
  5. Relief tubes, if not proper length, size or material to bring up to code.

These are factors that can only be determined "on-site" and can attribute to the possibility of additional costs above and beyond "Basic Installation" pricing as well as any condition found "on-site" that is determined to be unsafe.

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